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Seras sat in a dark corner with a few books, and a laptop computer. There is a strange theme to the books, all about babies. You know names, what to expect, how to take care of. A black kitten is sitting on the table watching the computer screen. There is also a glass of strange smelling blood near her. It smells like blood, but has a vitamin like smell as well.

Seras is botherable, but humans are suggested to stay away, she's a bit unstable. Otherwise advice and stuff is welcome.
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Seras was crashed out on the couch in front of the fire. Apparently the boredom of this place had gotten to her. Today she is wearing a white poofy sleeved blouse, a knee length black skirt, a pair of white thigh highs, a pair of gloves, and a pair of Mary Jane shoes.

She has a book on her face and a glass of the synthetic blood from bar on a small end table near her. There is also an Ipod clutched loosely in one hand and Pink Floyd being pumped into her ears.

She is way botherable!!!!

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She managed to get a new uniform, and she was wondering around the grounds. It was dark out and she was bored. No hunting tonight.
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She had just got done getting stabbed by blessed blades, and killing a ton of zombies. She was not happy, she was tired, and she needed a shower.

After the shower, she stood looking at her uniform, perfect it was totally torn up. At least she had a pair of Pjs.


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